Act Your Wage: A Report Finds Several US Workers Embracing “Quiet Quitting”

Many “silent quitters” claim they are more than willing to put in long hours of labour, but only for the duration of the employment. “Act your wage” is their motto.

Washington: Some American workers are embracing the idea of “quiet quitting” as they fight against what some see as the stifling trap of constant connectivity. They are drawing a line at the 40-hour work week, restricting after-hours calls and emails, and generally, if subtly, saying “no” more frequently.

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Act Your Wage: A Report Finds Several US Workers Embracing “Quiet Quitting”

In her position as a teacher, Maggie Perkins, 30, of Athens, Georgia, routinely put in 60-hour work weeks, but she soon sensed something wasn’t right after the birth of her first kid.

According to Perkins, who eventually left her job to pursue a PhD, she continues to speak out for her former coworkers by creating videos and podcasts with helpful advice on how to fit their workload into their workdays.

She explains that having a “silent quitting” mindset simply entails creating a barrier that allows you to work when you are paid to do so before you can go home and interact with your family like a normal human being.


1- What does she explain about in her video ?

Ans – She explains about “silent quitting.

2- Does the data support the existence of a real demand for improved work-life balance?

Ans – Yes

3- Where did Maggie Perkin live?

Ans – Athens Georgia

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