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The comment made by Urvashi Rautela in response to Rishabh Pant’s deleted post, “Chotu Bhaiya Should Play Bat Ball

“Funny how people will lie in interviews to gain a bit superficial notoriety and make headlines. Sad to see some people’s insatiable quest for fame and celebrity, “Rishabh Pant wrote in a post that is now gone.

Urvashi Rautela, a model actress, and Rishabh Pant, a cricketer, have become prominent figures on the Internet this week after trading indirect potshots that appeared to be directed at one another. Late Wednesday night, Urvashi published an evasive Instagram post: “Chotu Bhaiya ought to engage in bat ball. I won’t be embarrassed by a tiny child like you, my sweetheart, Main koi Munni badnaam nahi hoon badnam hone.” She also included the slightly perplexing hashtags #CougarHunter, #DontTakeAdvantageOfASilentGirl, and #RPChotuBhaiyya.

Even though Urvashi’s words, which are taken from the Dabangg song Munni Badnaam Huyi, are intended to reject any romantic implications on the part of the unnamed “Chotu Bhaiyaa” or “RP,” it’s not clear if Urvashi is referring to herself as a “cougar,” which is a term used in pop culture for older women looking for younger men to date.

If it can be called that, Urvashi’s riposte to Rishabh Pant’s yesterday deleted Instagram Story is thought to be her retort. He said: “People lie in interviews simply to make headlines and get some notoriety. The need for name recognition is so sad in some people.


1- What comment did Urvashi make?

Ans- Chotu Bhaiya needs to play a bit of baseball, “chotu Bhaiya” replied.

2- Why did Urvashi Rautela say those lines to Rishabh Pant?

 Ans- the reason is unknown.

3- When does she comment on this?

Ans- 10 august

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